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De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis

De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis

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QUESTION: A 35 year old male carpenter has developed pain in his wrist. Using tools at work like screwdrivers and hammers has become very uncomfortable, as have day-to-day activities like turning his car keys and writing. What is the issue?  What is it? De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis is the irritation of the two tendons…

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volar plate

Volar Plate

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QUESTION: An 18 year old male is suffering from pain and swelling in his index finger after he injured it during a rugby match when another player’s foot forced his finger into hyperextension. What is the issue? Volar Plate The Volar Plate is a thick ligament which joins together two bones in…

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thumb pain

Thumb Pain

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QUESTION: A 32 year old male was skiing whilst on holiday and fell on his outstretched hand, resulting in his thumb hyperextending. It is now painful and swollen. His thumb feels unstable and he is having difficulty turning keys, holding his coffee mug, and writing. What is the problem? What Is It?…

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broken hand

Broken Hand

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QUESTION: A 28 year old female fell over at soccer and had another player accidentally step on her hand. Her hand is now swollen and bruised, however, she has full range of movement of her fingers and wrist. What is it? A broken hand is when a break/fracture occurs to one of…

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shoulder injury

Shoulder Injury

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QUESTION: A 18 year-old male is experiencing acute pain in the shoulder after suffering a heavy knock while playing rugby on the weekend. The pain worsens when he tries to move his arm and it’s making it difficult to sleep. What Is It? The shoulder is a complex region with…

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Casting Have you broken your arm, elbow, wrist or hand? A hand therapist can provide an appropriate casting option depending on your injury. Casting materials include plaster of paris and synthetic/fibreglass. A plaster of paris is a white powder and when wet turns to a paste that hardens quickly, like chalk. Soft white padding…

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