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September 2016

elbow tendinopathy

Elbow Tendinopathy

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QUESTION: A 24 year old female tennis player is suffering from acute pain when gripping with her fingers, particularly after practicing her serves. The bony outer part of her elbow is also tender and she is experiencing some stiffness in the neck. What is the issue? What Is It? Elbow tendinopathy…

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Splinting Thermoplatic Splinting Thermoplastic splinting material is used when fabricating custom made splints. The splints can be made during a consultation with your hand therapist and may be remoulded to allow for reduction in swelling or to maximise comfort. Thermoplastic splints differ from traditional plaster casting in that they are lighter, easily moulded to…

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finger pain

Finger Pain

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QUESTION: A 42 year old male office worker was using gardening scissors while tending to his yard on the weekend and noticed his finger had begun to click when he tried to bend and straighten his finger. Sometimes his finger would get locked into his palm too. What is the…

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broken elbow

Broken Elbow

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QUESTIONS: A 16 year old girl is suffering from severe pain in her elbow after falling heavily on her arm while skateboarding on the weekend. It is very swollen and there is some dark bruising around the bony part of her elbow. What is the issue? What Is It? The…

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