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Anne Wajon

Dr Anne Wajon next President of the IFSHT

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Our director, Dr Anne Wajon (PhD), has just been inaugurated as the President of the International Federation of the Society of Hand Therapists (IFSHT) ( at the recent Triennial Congress in Buenos Aires.  She is excited to help organise the next Triennial Congress in Berlin in 2019, and facilitate the activities…

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Splinting Thermoplatic Splinting Thermoplastic splinting material is used when fabricating custom made splints. The splints can be made during a consultation with your hand therapist and may be remoulded to allow for reduction in swelling or to maximise comfort. Thermoplastic splints differ from traditional plaster casting in that they are lighter, easily moulded to…

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broken hand

Broken Hand

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QUESTION: A 28 year old female fell over at soccer and had another player accidentally step on her hand. Her hand is now swollen and bruised, however, she has full range of movement of her fingers and wrist. What is it? A broken hand is when a break/fracture occurs to one of…

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Casting Have you broken your arm, elbow, wrist or hand? A hand therapist can provide an appropriate casting option depending on your injury. Casting materials include plaster of paris and synthetic/fibreglass. A plaster of paris is a white powder and when wet turns to a paste that hardens quickly, like chalk. Soft white padding…

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Scapholunate Ligament

Scapholunate Ligament

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QUESTION:  A 32 year old man is experiencing pain on the back of his wrist when doing push ups. Strong gripping and lifting objects also aggravates his pain. He remembers falling on his wrist a few weeks ago, straining it  What should he do? What is it? The scapholunate ligament is…

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Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

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CUBITAL TUNNEL SYNDROME – QUESTION: A 43 year old lady is complaining of pins and needles and numbness in her ring finger and little finger when she is talking on the phone/reading and when she is at work using a computer. It also wakes her at night. She is starting to lose…

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