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Ulnar sided wrist pain

Ulnar Sided Wrist Pain

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ULNAR SIDED WRIST PAIN – QUESTION: A 42 year old lady fell on her outstretched hand and is now complaining of pain over the ulnar side of her wrist particularly on twisting motions. She is unable to play tennis. What should she do? What Is Ulnar Sided Wrist Pain? Ulnar sided wrist…

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Skier’s Thumb

By | Case Study, Fracture, Ligament | 2,571 Comments

SKIER’S THUMB – QUESTION: A 26 year old female was skiing whilst on holiday and fell on her outstretched hand, resulting in her thumb hyperextending. It is now painful and swollen. Her thumb does not feel stable and she has difficulty turning keys, holding jars, and writing. What is it? Skier’s Thumb is…

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Dupuytren’s Contracture

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DUPUYTREN’S CONTRACTURE – QUESTION: A 62 year old man reports that he is having trouble straightening his fingers and placing his hand flat on the table. There is a thick cord like structure in his palm. He is also finding it awkward shaking hands, putting on his gardening gloves and reaching his hand in his…

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DeQuervain’s Syndrome

By | Case Study, Tendon | 10,449 Comments

DEQUERVAIN’S SYNDROME – QUESTION: A 30 year old female office worker has developed pain in her wrist since the birth of her first child. She is having trouble picking him up and writing. What is the problem? What is it? DeQuervain’s Syndrome is the irritation of the two tendons that insert at…

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Cochrane Review Update

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Anne is pleased to report that the third cochrane review update of Surgery for thumb (trapeziometacarpal joint) osteoarthritis has recently been published in the Cochrane Library. This review analysed 11 randomised clinical trials including 670 participants having seven different surgical procedures.  It identified that no technique conferred any benefit over…

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Boxer’s Fracture

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QUESTION: An 18 year old engineering student complains of pain in his hand after punching a wall.  His hand is swollen and the little finger knuckle has disappeared. It hurts to write, shake hands, or use his hand for any activity requiring strong grip.  He has looked up the injury online…

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