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June 2016

broken finger

Broken Finger

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QUESTION: A 21 year old female student is suffering from sharp pain and swelling in her finger after suffering a blow to her index finger while playing softball. Movement is difficult, it is tender to touch and the finger has swollen immediately. What is the problem and what does she need…

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Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

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CUBITAL TUNNEL SYNDROME – QUESTION: A 43 year old lady is complaining of pins and needles and numbness in her ring finger and little finger when she is talking on the phone/reading and when she is at work using a computer. It also wakes her at night. She is starting to lose…

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shoulder pain

Shoulder Pain

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SHOULDER PAIN – QUESTION: A 22 year-old female is experiencing acute pain in the shoulder after suffering a heavy knock during netball on the weekend. The pain worsens when she tries to move her arm and it’s making it difficult for her to sleep. What Is Shoulder Pain? Shoulder pain relates…

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